Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Roller Trade Packs Save Money! Helping Stores

Ideas for shops to make / save money: Why Roller Trade Packs Save Money.

Roller Weights are sold in many different packs. At MRP we offer stores several types of roller packages and brands as well as "TRADE PACKS" for racing shops or tunners. It makes more sense to buy them in bulk if you already know you will be using the same rollers at the race track. Check out this video featuring the more popular brands such as Polini, Top Racing - Dr Pulley - Union Materials DrPulley, MRP, PM Tuning and more! The same factories that make Koso, HOCA, NCY, Stage 6, Polini all manufacture these pieces in their brand, so save money why not purchase a trade bag? or a racing set from PM Tunning. By buying in trade packs or in 100 plus bags you can save money. We buy these from the same factory in Taiwan that make them for Dr Pulley, Polini, Stage 6, and others. Many of the Mini-Quad and ATV shops in America buy in bulk bags of 100 plus in select sizes to save money.

If you're a racer then the ideal pack for you is a Tunning pack with many different sizes and weights so you can "splice" your CVT set up. To find out more visit

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