Friday, August 6, 2010

Chrome vs Black intakes we offer two solutions

We sell several different intakes at MRP for DIO HONDA, JOG, TGB, GY6, QMB, CN250, and many other engine types. In the JOG MINARELLI RACING SERIES WE HAVE BOTH CHROME AND BLACK INTAKES PART NUMBERS N-MP-07080 and N-MP-07080-1 in our opinion both excellent performance aftermarket upgrades, but there are some small differences on the reed and in the look. Also, a common mistake by many deaelrs and consumers is putting the JOG on a DIO HONDA 2T 50cc engine. Kymco DIO or SYM Dio or older Hondas are not JOG. You have to order the correct intake for the DIO and we point that out here. INTAKE MANIFOLD FOR MINARELLI JOG YAMAHA FOR SCOOTERS AND ATVS 50 - 70 - 90 COLOR SILVER CHROME
chrome intake with reed valves for Yamaha 50cc 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine.

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