Friday, August 20, 2010

Mario Andretti licensed scooters leaking gas part 2

In the recent months, several dealers and consumers have contacted MRP regarding a leaky gas tank on the 2008-2009 Benelli Andretti Pepe models in the USA, also known as the X50 BENELLI X50 OR QUATTRO NOVE. This is the one with the Mario Andretti name on it hence why we tried reaching out to him so he would correct this product defect immediately.

We have received enough questions and phone calls regarding this matter, that we felt it necessary to make this post, as there may be some dealers and consumers unaware that their gas tank is leaking. I want to thank Steve, David, and all the people out there that want the industry to grow, but want companies to behave in a responsible manner and I agree. Therefore, in the interest of safety, we feel it is important for consumers and dealers alike to inspect the X50 models and make sure their tank is not leaking. To our knowledge, this is not an official warranty issue, nor has there been a recall issued by the distributors and/or the manufacturer. We are not the agent of record, we are not the importer, we are not owners or affiliated with the company. To our knowledge the current vehicles are owned by Powersports Factory and their financial backers that is the only record we know of. We think its a matter of public importance and federal law requires that this be reported immediately when any fuel related engine matters are an issue. We are not required to report this since this is PSFs job and we have notified them time and time again. To our knowledge they have not complied with any NHTSA, Consumer Safety Board or Thread Act requirements for reporting an issue of this matter as of the time I write this. We feel it is a matter of civic duty and for the well-being of the general public that we place this notice.

Let's be straight: NHTSA and EPA can work together with Customs. This is happening now. So many brands with defects or that don't comply with US standards are FINALLY after seven years of no enforcement whatsoever being stopped at the port. The Andrettis and Benellis I wrote about are not the new 2010 models its the older 2009 vehicles leaking gas imported in 2009.

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