Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DO NOT BUY SCOOTERS ON A PLANE! - The Scooter Maven advice column

DO NOT BUY SCOOTERS ON A PLANE! I cannot believe Delta Airlines even allows this its highly illegal. These Chinese companies do not care about complying with the laws. The Scooter Maven is an expert in the world of scooters and his biggest advice is do not buy new vehicles on a catalog! It's just as bad as Ebay. Our mission is to provide a resource for information for consumers, stores, and new buyers. Stay away from these deals they are too good to be true! Online and Catalog sales cannot give you PDI, Warranty ( these brands don't pay dealers or comply with lemon laws ) for more info visit

These Chinese importers do not comply with state licensing laws, warranty laws, and without a relationship with a dealer they dont comply with the Thread Act. Dealers need to stay in business and by law they must report all vehicle defects and inspect your unit. NHTSA ( is typically very involved as well as the CPSC ( these Chinese drop shippers have no clue as to how these laws work much less the laws that protect you as a consumer in each state. Please BUYER BEWARE - LISTEN TO THE MAVEN!

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