Saturday, August 14, 2010

Top Things Scooter Dealers Need to Watch out for:


1. Tell your distributor who you are selling a unit to - YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOURS STOP SHARING THEM WITH OTHER RETAILERS! Warranty registrations are one thing, but if you send them all their info the distributor is more than likely to sell to the client direct - be it parts or accessories.

2. Don't take deposits for units that have not arrived. Deposits on units that haven't arrived or cleared customs. - It's a sign of desperation and if you send that money to the distributor without a guarantee you might not get that money back. The clients will get upset at you not the distributor if you don't deliver. If a distributors asks you for $200 and three months have gone by and you don't see the scooter yet, there's a good chance you might not have that unit.

3. Bikes at Auctions - A good sign that your distributor is unloading inventory. Instead of unloading at auctions a good distributor offers discounts to its dealer. If you see units at car auctions by the container that's a good sign your distributor isn't going in the right direction.

4. Parts = If a distributor doesn't have parts or is working with a logistics company that has parts then the time will come when you don't have parts. I've been to many warehouses and the parts departments are the size of my bathroom. Many Fly-by-Night investors got into the scooter industry in 2007 and they thought they could distribute Cheap Chinese scooters without parts. That was a mistake and dealers desperate for $599 Craigs List scooters would sell them without any regard to LEMON LAWS or LAWSUITS. - I only hear from dealers after the fact "WHY DID IT DO THIS?" "I WISH I HAD NEVER SOLD THAT BRAND" Making $500 today could cost you $50,000 tomorrow in attorneys fees and insurance settlements.

5. Ignoring other brands. Stores that create one line only shops loose money. I see Vespa shops not work on Kymcos. This is a quick way to go out of business. Get an account setup with MRP we have over 12,000 parts in our warehouse and we can help you make money. I put up a video last week about the consolidation going on in the industry and to keep the focus on this I appreciate the emails sent over from JustGootaScoot and TheScooterScoop
It's pretty simple math: Cubik, Keeway Southeast, DAELIM MOTORS USA, CPI, Malaguti, TNG Scooters ( in the US industry for 15 years ) Benelli Andretti and Powersports Factory which no longer has a parts warehouse, Diamo - Italjet America all these companies over the last decade put over 100,000 units on the roads. So a smart dealer would say WOW - I can use my MRP account to access all these parts. That's the point we try to stress. In a bad market don't turn business away.

THESE ARE NOT GENERIC CHINESE PARTS - ONLY MRP has parts for new Italjet, Malaguti, BZ, CPI these brands all use proprietary designs. So make money, use our manuals. We have your back as we add more Daelim and CPI to our site every day.
Over 150,000 Scooters in the USA are supported by MRP

Hope this helps - for more advice stay tuned.

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