Monday, August 16, 2010

Why do some MRP kits say Made in Japan? Yamaha? SYM? Kymco?

Some of the kits we put together have parts sourced from Taiwan, Spain, Italy, and even Japan. So a piston might be made in the USA or Taiwan, but the clips and pin are made in Japan. This is for dealers that open a package and see two stickers inside one that says made in Taiwan and one that reads made in Japan. It only means different parts of the kit we put together come from different countries. Thats all. Just rest assured our parts are sourced with the best of care. In some cases like the 300cc big bore kit ( just posted a video of that last week see here -
the piston is labeled MADE IN THE USA, but the rings are high compression rings and are labeled MADE IN JAPAN so it's really a kit sourced from the best possible sources ( WATCH VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND ) I HOPE THIS HELPS THE DEALERS WITH QUESTIONS ON THE PARTS if you have any more questions feel free to contact us at

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