Friday, August 13, 2010

FOR REAL Where do the MRP parts come from? Same as the major brands -

This is in response to some questions from the ( please support the site. Anyways - While in Taiwan I figured I would film this quick undercover scene and share with people the inconvenient truth - yes we are responsible for global warming, but also that the factory we buy at is a source for some pretty well known names. For any comments out there - Polini, Koso, Stage 6, Dr Pulley, so most companies like WPS / PU / Tucker and MRP just make them for in house brands instead of representing someone elses. The quality and everything else is pretty much the same. Simple version they are all made at the same factories in Taiwan including MRP this is the same in the car industry by the way. That Ford part guess what? Sometimes its the same factory as a KIA.

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