Monday, July 19, 2010

Whats better Adige? SN? Dr Pulley? we answer your emails

Some Gokart enthusiasts wrote to ask which brand do we prefer for the karts, we'll sell all the brands, but in reality certain types of rollers vs sliders work better. We are having really good results on the 400cc and 300cc Adige Italian sliders, but we get better results with the SN- Scooter Ninja Taiwan on the small scooters and atvs like 17X12 and 20X12 the reason being is the angle of the cut. Adige is a round roller with slight cut where the SN is a deep cut and works great for small variators. Dr Pulley is a medium cut and Malossi / Polini are just round rollers. So it all depends what results you want. We sell them all, but currently depending on the application we suggest SN for small capacity and Adige for high maxi size engines. Depends on the application so email us your questions at the MRP website.

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