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The complete list of Top Ten Armadillo Scooter Wear Videos

Number 1 video on Armadillo
Testing the Hoodie

Number 2 video
THe Maven Tests the Parka

3 The Hoodie

4 How D30 Works with the jackets by Armadillo

5 What is D30 how does it work with Armadillo - Rupert president of Armadillo explains it

Number 6
D30 demo

Number 7
The dealers what they think

Number 8
Riders love Armadillo its higher quality, cooler design, better materials and prefer it over current scooter wear. Check it

Number 9
Playing with D30

Number 10 the Womens Jacket

WHY SHOULD YOU WEAR IT? Well your life could depend on it, this is a stylish line and we strongly believe that you will benefit from it.
Armadillo is set out to prove that protective scooter clothing can be stylish and comfortable. In the event of an accident if the rider is wearing the right clothing injury can be le

ssened or prevented completely.

Thanks to d30 technology, pronounced (dee-three-oh), scooter jackets and other protective clothing, can withstand impacts, and protect the rider.

d30 technology is innovative in that it is able to offer varying levels of protection relating to the level of impact. The protective foam used is initially soft to touch and is not large and bulky. During normal use, the molecules within move freely, but their properties change upon and relative to impact. This is determined by the level of impact which in turn determines how fast the molecules lock – offering the wearer ultimate protection as is possible.

After an impact the molecules return to their normal state, once again flowing past each other freely. The process can be repeated an infinite number of times without adversely affecting the garment.

Developed as pads, the d30 protection is then placed in the key areas of scooter clothing that require protection. These pads can easily be removed, cleaned/replaced and put back into place.

As an additional precaution, areas of the garment will also be made reflective and be made part of the design, in order to make riders more visible at night and in general to motorists and pedestrians.

Bear in mind, whilst high visibility and crash impact reduction will enhance a scooterist’s safety, it is common sense and safe riding methods that will prevent most danger. Only when you combine the two can you be assured of the highest in protection and safety.

Made with high strength nylon outer shells protective scooter clothing comes with a variety of inner liners. Available in fleece, and several varieties of nylon and polyester, they are designed to be versatile and remain machine washable.

With styles available for all seasons and weather conditions protective scooter clothing can be worn year round. Protective summer jackets offer the same lightweight d30 protection as the winter models. Equipped with underarm vents and lightweight outer shells, they provide safety and comfort.

The decision to wear protective scooter clothing is up to the individual. With so many innovations and options available safety does not have to be uncomfortable.

Armadillo Scooter Wear stock a wide range of scooter clothes including jackets, trench coats and gloves. Browse our site to find the best in men and women’s scooter clothing.

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