Monday, July 19, 2010

Daelim Korean Scooter Parts

We spent the weekend adding Daelim OEM parts.

The US importer closed about a year and half ago and I know Daelim in Korea fired 40% of its staff from the motorcycle side so its been next to impossible for US dealers to get parts and forget warranties. Until there is a new US import its been a nightmare for US dealers so we decided to take it upon ourselves to add these parts to our site and database. It's a lot of work, but we are doing it. So if you need DAELIM OEM parts for your scooter we've just managed to add a ton of them online to our site for the A-Five, S-Five, E-Five, S-125, S-250, Cordi, History Models and a few for the Roadstar. We dont have any plastics just the OEM engine parts to keep people on the road plus tires, lights, electrical and essentials. Just one more brand we decided to cover and when there is a new US importer ( could be one soon in 2011 from what we hear ) we will be here to help.

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