Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MRP Your source for SYM - Carter and Daelim scooter parts

Responding to the tragic incident over at Carter Brothers we are doing everything we can to get the dealers many of the parts we have in stock for the Carter Go Karts, SYM scooters, and accessories. We don't have everything we are in no way as capable as Carter was in this because they are the importer and OEM in this case, but we have many third party parts that work for the Carter Go Karts ( Exhausts, pistons, gaskets, rollers, cvt upgrades ) and for the SYM scooters ( cylinders, pistons, belts ) we have just ordered more OEM parts from Taiwan like HD 200cc parts pistons, clutches, and more to help the dealers. NEVER FEAR MRP IS HERE! you can call an active dealer with MRP and order these on our site

Stay tuned to Guidos Blog for all the news on SYM and Carter as it updates, also check the scooter scoop

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