Saturday, July 31, 2010

Armadillo Hoodie Review by The Scooter Scoop part 2

Armadillo Hoodie Review by The Scooter Scoop part 2
Thanks to Steve for doing this review for us on the Armadillo Scooter Hoodie. It was tested by 4 of his friends in Austin, TX they dropped the dummy filled with wood over 200 pounds with a helmet unto an open parking lot. They did a frontal drop and a rear drop. The results, well see for yourself

You won't need a $25,000 skin graph because at no point did it tear. The Hoodie is an awesome jacket. Available from


Protective scooter clothing can be stylish and comfortable. In the event of an accident if the rider is wearing the right clothing injury can be lessened or prevented completely.

Thanks to d30 technology, pronounced (dee-three-oh), scooter jackets and other protective clothing, can withstand impacts, and protect the rider.

The new d30 technology is used to create protective foam that is soft to the touch but is not large and bulky. Working at a molecular level the material changes properties instantly upon impact. The molecules move past each other freely during normal use, and lock together instantly when the material is impacted by another object. The harder the impact, the faster the molecules react, forming protective padding for the wearer.

Following impact, the molecules within the material will revert to their initial state, moving freely within the soft layer. The advantage of d30 protection is that this process can be repeated as many times as possible, and the quality of the garment will not be affected.

When applied to scooter clothing, the d30 protection is developed as protective pads and placed in areas deemed as of high importance to a scooterist. These pads are easy to remove, clean and put back in place.

As an additional precaution, areas of the garment will also be made reflective and be made part of the design, in order to make riders more visible at night and in general to motorists and pedestrians.

It should also be noted, that whilst offering high protection to the rider in terms of visibility and impact, protective clothing alone will not prevent a scooter rider from injury. Safe riding and common sense is also imperative, and only when you combine this with the right garments can the ultimate protection be offered.

Made with high strength nylon outer shells protective scooter clothing comes with a variety of inner liners. Available in fleece, and several varieties of nylon and polyester, they are designed to be versatile and remain machine washable.

Neither does it matter on the time of the year – jackets are available for all seasons. Due to its thin nature, d30 summer wear provides the protection as winter clothing.

Whether or not you choose to adopt d30 protective scooter clothing, bear in mind you do not have to compromise safety in order to look good on the road.

Armadillo Scooter Wear women’s collection includes jackets, trousers, gloves and accessories for the female scooter fanatic. Browse our site to find the best in women’s scooter clothing.

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