Friday, July 23, 2010

Proper GY6 Sliders and Rollers

Proper GY6 Sliders and Rollers
Older Strada Yamatis from Powersports Factory use a KDU engine not GY6 from 2005 these units have a GY6 CVT but not the cylinder so dealers get confused same applies to the Sauron 125 but both KDU and GY6 use 17.9 X 14 or 18 X 14 rollers and sliders.
= Not all 150cc units use the same 18 X 14 Rollers we have found many new Chinese units are using 19 X 15 and 20 X 12 these are different brands like Xingyue and Wushan. Boatian, Wangye ( QJ brands like Vento, Benelli, Andretti, Keeway all use standard) 18 X 14. For more advanced 200cc, 250cc, 260cc Linhai Yamaha found in RP200cc, ITA 260 VOG 260, XY 260, BMS 250, Diamo 250 and others order Scooter Ninja Sliders in 20 X 12 these are all in stock at MRP

We get a ton of questions about the sliders, if you have questions make sure to contact us so we can help you with the applications for your CVT.

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