Friday, July 2, 2010

New Items being added Daelim


Just want to ask for patience. We got like a million phone calls yesterday when the Daelim announcement went up on the Powersports Business website ( want to thank PSB for that )

We just picked up the Daelim parts line, we don't have everything, but we will be adding the parts to our site little by little. It's been a process and we want to support the dealers and riders as best we can. Again, we don't do retail and if you call us all we can do is put you in contact with a stocking dealer. We understand not every town has a dealership, but thats why we have some excellent dealers with 1800 numbers and drop shipping abilities, they make a profit by giving you good support.

The TNG line took 7 months to add, so I know adding Daelim will take time. We will closely be reaching the 12,500 SKU lineup having over 10,000 items just for scooters we are technically the largest parts company for scooters in North America ( I check the other guys SKUs and even if they claim they have more they don't )

We are also starting our outdate product support buy-back programs for select dealers. So if they are meeting say the TK Exhaust minimum the company will exchange non-selling exhausts for selling exhausts WITHOUT A RESTOCKING FEE. Nobody else is doing this so if you're stocking our full range from the Honda Ruckus to the T-Max 500 or Kymco 250 we will help you. This is all paid by the manufacturer so we want the stores to take advantage.

Same is going on with Armadillo. For those stores meeting the minimum requirements they also have an exchange program. Again, this won't apply to just in time or stores ordering only a few pieces, but if you are stocking their 12 jacket minimum at the end of the year if you have an agreement for 2010 on file they will send you a box and exchange non-current items for current items.

I do want to thank all the stores taking care of Malaguti, Diamo, TNG, CF-MOTO, Linhai, Keeway Southeast, Cubik, QJ, Benelli, Andretti clients. We try our best to help you help them so we appreciate it when we see the manuals links on your pages.

We've also started the process of erasing shops listed that don't have actual stores. Last thing we want is people showing up at some guys house at 7pm and scaring the kids. We are being aggressive about this, if someone represents one of our brands we want to make sure they are a legitimate retailer and still have a shop. Seems like this minimum requirement has gone out the window for most distributors, but not us. We will be enforcing this and the minimums, if you haven't purchased from us in two years we can allow you to go online and claim you sell MRP it's not fair to the guys that buy and keep us in business.

We have always had a "Distributor Level" price breaks for high volume dealers and we have actually increased this to support those stocking shops so take advantage. Our free shipping specials are always on our main page, we encourage you to test out the new product ranges with our top European named brands such as TK ( ) and NG. So if you want to be a serious player for 2010 let us know. We are still THE ONLY scooter parts distributor that isn't selling direct to consumers. Our mission is to keep you in business and by having so many parts in one place we are one step closer to making sure all our dealers grow and stay profitable. Support us and we'll support you.

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