Friday, July 9, 2010


Not a week goes by where I don't get an email from a shop that is doing terrible, nine times out of ten it's because the store owner focused on new unit sales and not on service and parts. The second most common reason is poor presentation.

A scooter store is an experience. America is not China or Taiwan, 70% of buyers don't use it as the primary form of transportation unless they live on South Beach, Florida or Key West. Most people use it for fun that means a ride to the grocery store, inside a closed community, a vacation home, or at the race track. Less than 20% of riders in the USA use it for work, 5% its just a toy that sits in the garage and to the other 5% its an addition to the mobile motohome. If you don't know your market in a down market you will close. If you don't repair every brand regardless of origin you will find yourself working out of your house shortly. So take my advice I visit 100 stores a year.

REPAIR ALL BRANDS, advertise that you repair all brands, and don't be the snotty store that says we only work on Vespa or Taiwanese brands we deem worthy of our mechanics. I used to think this way and I was the first person to change back in 2005 and tell the dealers wake up guys you have to repair all the brands. So these videos here are both for the new shops and the old shops. The old man set in his ways and the new guy saying hey all the shops in town closed I want to open one because there is money to be made. MRP can help you, so watch and learn.

Create the experience, Select a few key brands and sell them right ( dont flood the showroom with crap) tell everyone you will work on any brand, stick to your guns and charge what you need to charge to stay in business, and you will. CARRY ACCESSORIES LIKE MRP. I get thank you emails as well from people who made the change and so can you.


2. We have more parts than anyone in North America for scooters - hands down.

3. Build a good display

I just opened a scooter shop now what? we need advice please help us....
We'll we have some advice:
Sell reliable brands, provide good service, and STOCK PARTS...

5. Displays its all about presentation

6. More POP displays and advice
Take a walk with MRP we can give you some ideas and advice on how to run a better shop. This year we've seen more stores than ever before some have a ton of experience in the car or motorcycle industry others are starting to sell scooters for the very first time. MRP offers the best prices, wholesale only, and helps stores stay profitable without taking your clients, our beliefs are that the customers should buy from the dealer. Visit us at

7. In business for over 10 years learn from Beach Scooter a store that stays profitable all year long

8. Stock check out this dealer in Gainesville, FL

9. Staying in business the best advice from the Scooter Maven at Dealer Meetings
We do more than just sell parts our company is dedicated to helping stores stay in business.
From our articles, to TV appearances, to our advice we help stores. For over 8 years MRP has been dedicated to helping store owners learn, educate, and help consumers.
There is more to it than just selling bikes and thats where MRP comes in. Call it a lifestyle or selling the passion that brought you to motorcycling or scooters.

When it comes to Parts and MRP
We are the only WHOLESALE only parts company in the USA
-Thats right everyone else owns a store and competes with the dealers on Ebay or online, MRP is dedicated to making sure stores make money in the store and online. Our catalog is dealer only and our advice for stores is only for stores to stay in business and make money.
To find out more about MRP and how we can help your dealer meetings visit us at

10. Our final video CREATE A DESTINATION

Scooter sales are more than just selling someone a part once, you want the client to come back and buy more. To get that repeat business you have to build a scooter destination not just a sales location.

To find out more visit our site

MRP now offers parts for all the top UTVs FROM Diamo to CF MOTO we have performance upgrades and OEM parts. OEM parts for MS 500cc, 700cc, Diamo Discovery 500, UTV Discovery 700cc, Linhai 260 and 300 engines by Yamaha. OEM parts and racing parts from Malossi, Dr Pulley, and more MRP has expanded by acquiring the QJ Keeway Southeast distribution parts warehouse, the Diamo USA / LS Motorsports / Italjet USA parts warehouse, and CPI USA. The company has OEM parts for Malaguti scooters of Italy, MH Spain, RX, Loncin, Lifan, Linhai, Zongshen, Wangye, MS UTVs, and CPI Taiwan. In addition the company distributes performance parts from Athena, Malossi, Turbo Kit, Innova, Vee Rubber, Duro, Bando, Gates, Powerlink, Posh, Maxxis, Namura, Scooter Ninja, Slipstreamer, and MRP. Products carried by MRP can be obtain exclusively at select Motorcycle Dealerships and Repair Shops in the USA. MRP is the one stop wholesale ONLY scooter, buggy, and ATV parts distributor. For a list of retailers visit

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