Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Questions DAELIM OEM and Aftermarket parts

Blog Questions DAELIM
Thanks to Steve at for sending us a bunch of leads of the DAELIM parts situation - heres our response to help the dealers find the parts.

MRP is not associated with DAELIM we are a third party solutions provider. Daelim Motors USA closed and left a lot of new vehicles on dealer floors that are still being sold in the USA. In 2010 the Korean factory stopped responding to Dealers or sending free warranty parts so its lead to a lot of problems for shops who are stuck with new vehicles.

We have parts now both OEM and aftermarket to help you with these. Korean parts are high quality parts and in no way are they the same as their Chinese branded counterparts. This company was once part of Honda.

Daelim is a fantastic brand and sadly the US distributor closed due to the downturn, GE Capital pulling financing, and several things I can't comment on. Let's just say it happened to a lot of companies this was not the only brand. MRP has acquired several distributors that closed we are not the factory distributor for DAELIM, but we welcome supporting what we can for these parts. DAELIM is added to our staple of QJ, LINHAI and others like Malaguti which are OEM factory parts.

In this business you tend to hear more of the negative feedback than the positive, the guy who has been waiting on a part for a year to sell his Daelim or the store being sued for a lack of lemon law compliance doesn't care, he's just happy MRP has the part. Daelim has tried selling parts to several stores in the USA, but let's be honest a store can't do the volume a distributor with a warehouse does to make this cost effective. That's why MRP is a good solution to this problem and it brings the prices down for the dealers overall. We sell to over a 1,000 stores in North and South America.

We want to help consumers and dealers get back on the road. SHOULD THERE BE A NEW IMPORTER IN 2011 for the brand we are more than happy to help them and work with them.

1. We do not handle warranties - we only sell the parts.
2. If you need parts we will help you contact an MRP dealer that can order them for you.
3. We strongly believe DAELIM is a quality product an deserves to have parts available for it and that is why we are investing our time in doing this.

If you have any questions or need to find a local shop contact us

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