Monday, November 5, 2012

USA Scooter Sales Report October 2012

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC for short) just reported it's update 2012 numbers. Since we don't have the Guido Ebert breakdown or the Dealer News Breakdown online anymore I will see if there's anything interestring for our segment.

First - No Chinese mainland companies report to this. It's voluntary, always consider that when looking at ATVs and Scooters.

Second - You pay them fees based on sales and if you are on OEM. So a reporting OEM pays more. So there is an incentive to UNDER REPORT or NOT REPORT.

This months report says that Scooters have seen the biggest jump this year, up 7 percent to 29,389 units. We saw a spike last month due to high gas prices in California.

Dual sport motorcycles followed with a 4.7 percent increase to 23,558 units sold year-to-date.
Off-highway motorcycles were up 0.8 percent to 271,767 units through September.
The off-highway segment was nearly stagnant, only down 43 units or 0.1 percent, to 51,006.
Total motorcycle sales, not including ATVs, were up 1.3 percent.
ATV reported a solid nine-month increase at 3.1 percent over the year-ago period.
(ATVS DO NOT COUNT THE CHINESE UTVS OR ATVS) ATV importers have brought in close to 300,000 units the last few years these are not counted in the MIC numbers. Exports of Chinese ATVs are down, but from what we gather UTVs have doubled in the last three years. Including new 500cc and 700cc Chinese clones - See CF MOTO and others for UTV info.

The MIC has always under reported the true potential of the US market. So its difficult to know exactly where we are without customs reports. Some background. MIC only counts members such as Kymco, Piaggio (Vespa/Aprilia/Piaggi), Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and BMW now are the only reporting companeis. So no Genuine (PGO Taiwan Private label and LML India Private Label), No SYM / Sang Yang (Lance now Alliance powersports formerly Carter, MRP, others ), no CPI, TGB, you get the picture. Even big volume everything goes at the fleamarket guys like Roketa and SunL are not in this despite selling 20,000 or more pieces a year. So its extremely one-sided. The last Piaggio shareholder report claimed they owned 25% of the US market and were the number one brand. Well yes there should be a disclaimer there. It's like looking at a map and saying Australia is the largest country in the world and not counting the rest of the continents. You get the picture.

No word yet how Hurricane Sandy will affect things.

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