Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy MRP Effort

Hurricane Sandy MRP Effort

We started this weekend hearing from a lot of people waiting to get scooter and moped parts. We had no sales to area last week and over the weekend its been a torrent of voicemails and emails. Despite the cold apparently some clients are all freaked out about a gas shortage. From what I see in the news there is "NO GAS SHORTAGE" so this is all a media thing.
In the meantime some consumers have ran to repair shops and stores with older Vespa's, mopeds, and Chinese scooters that have been in storage or need a carburetor to get it back on the road. We are doing our best to meet the demand since many do not have access to the internet or the repair manuals so we have to see if we can find the parts over the phone.

We are here to help. 

We are extending free shipping, we will help you on the phone, and there are NO MINIMUMS for the affected area. So if all you need is a $2 part, we will get this out to you. No questions asked. We just want to help the stores and consumers affected up north. To those of you running to the local shop, be patient, many of them had no electricity and might still not have internet, some cannot take credit cards, but you can call our 1800 number and we will help send the parts for your moped, scooter, or chinese bike.

We cannot guarantee delivery time or method. Some shipping routes are taking longer on FedEx and UPS, also US mail will not be in some affected areas. The unique thing is that these areas had a lot of scooters due to the proximity to the coast so I understand this is a great way to get around ( 80 miles to the gallon on some units ) but we will do everything we can to help out.

This week we continue our 50% off select accessories, 50% off jackets, and even if you're not a dealer we will help you find the parts or sell them to you to help get people to and from work. To everyone in the affected areas we hope the recovery effort continues.

To our Dealers Jim and Nolan we wish you guys a speedy recovery. To all our customers from Maryland all the way to New York we hear you. Thankfully a scooter is the best way to get around and you wont have to wait 4 hours for gasoline. From what we see on the news this should be a temporary thing, but we promise to help you get back to scootering as soon as possible.

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