Friday, November 30, 2012

Kymco getting into EV Scooters 2013

Two big announcements this week in the world of EV and Scooters as the two finally get serious.

One Smart is talking to Vectrix (or V 2.0 as I call it ) about helping them with the tech for the EV Smart scooters.

The second one is KYMCO

Autorevolution is reporting the new KYMCO EV unit is coming out in 2013.

Only a matter of time before they hit the USA market I'm sure. Now that serious players such as Kymco are getting involved it could actually lead to the market being profitable long term.

It's as we predicted two years ago. The smaller names will end up going to the way side as time goes on as quality and EV brands start emerging. Doesn't hurt when an $800 million company like Kymco get's serious about Electric Units.

Kymco Queen 3.0EV

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