Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Jersey and New York Scooterists outfox gas rationing

The Media is making this worse in my opinion. The Gasoline lines and gas rationing in New York and New Jersey is actually making life more difficult for already struggling powersport stores. The business is highly unusual since many of the brands coming out of storage are brands stores don't repair and are not familiar. Hence why our phone has been ringing all week.

Even CNN is reporting that it's getting worse, I actually think the media coverage of the lack of gasoline is making this whole situation worse. People might get beat up for a moped if this gets worse.

As Nor'easter dumps snow, gas rationing comes to New York

  • NEW: At least 658,000 customers still without power, utilities report
  • Gas rationing in New York City and Long Island aimed at easing fuel crunch
  • "We need heat and electricity," a Brooklyn resident says
  • Sandy inflicted $33 billion in damage to New York state, Gov. Cuomo says

MRP is the last company left that has the parts for many of these rare mopeds and Chinese scooter brands since many of the companies closed during the recession. In our case we've been giving parts with free shipping and eliminating the minimums so that these struggling stores can get the business. It's just been a long week for everyone and we hope we have helped in some way.

This week we had to help a bunch of lawnmower shops help get some mopeds back on the road. I have never seen Americans ride Mopeds in the cold before but apparently to save on gas people are doing whatever it takes. I didn't know there were so many mopeds or scooters hidden in garages.

These are some brave people to go out on a moped or Vespa in this cold just to save some gas.

The problem is people put the scooter away for the winter or haven't used it in five months so the battery dies, the carb needs cleaning, and if its an older Chinese scooter it might not work so well after a hurricane and in cold weather.

So the phone died down, but apparently the gas rations continue.

I'm just glad we have been able to help with the parts this week.

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