Monday, November 12, 2012

Motorcycle Cleaner Pack

Motorcycle Cleaner Pack

Perfect for the Holidays! Scooter Shops should carry these.
Starter Display Pack of Zeibe Cleaning Products for New stores.

Avalable from
or visit your local Cycle Gear and Request ZEIBE from MRP

1 of each product.

Includes: Helmet Deodorant ZB-10102
Zeibe Helmet Deodorant is a technical deodorant for internal fabrics of the helmet, with bactericide and fungicide properties, that eliminates bad smells and odors with a fresh scent.

Humidity and sweat generated by the normal use of motorbike helmet cause the appearance of bacteria and fungus in the internal fabric of helmet.

Zeibe Helmet Deodorant allows you to have the motorbike Helmet always in perfect hygienic conditions.

- Bactericide: eliminates bacteria that generate bad smell. 
- Fungicide: eliminates funguses that appear due to humidity of the internal fabrics of helmets.

Format: 100ml atomiza (120 applications)

It does not contain gas.

Helmet Cleaner

Zeibe Helmet Cleaner is a hypoallergenic cellulose wipe impregnated with a bactericide solution specially developed for cleaning the internal fabrics of motorbike helmets.

The sweat generated during the normal use of the helmet causes the proliferation of bacteria in the internal fabrics. The bacteria are responsible for bad smell and they may affect to hair and skin health.

Zeibe Helmet Cleaner wipes eliminate dirt generated by pollution, sweat, make-up, etc and eliminate the bacteria that cause mad smell.

They have been developed with an alcoholic base to avoid soap and foam remainder and achieve a faster evaporation.


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