Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Bundle will help Scooter Store Sell More!

A good scooter store stocks up on accessories and easy to sell items for the holidays.

During the winter its good to sell more than just scooters for those easy off the shelf items.

Does the presence of an interesting holiday store window or scooter store accessories display actually boost business? The truth is it does. One only look at the millions spent by  major retailers in window dressing to showcase why this is needed. So why does the US Scooter Industry lack this type of promotion? Well it comes down to training and small shops thinking consumers don't expect the same level of displays as major retailers. This is wrong. No matter how small your store is you are now competing in the world with MAJOR online retailers. So it pays to have all sorts of knick knacks and whatchamacall it's on the store floor especially lifestyle items that can be purchased right before walking out. Point of Sale materials are also essential this time of year.

The most successful displays are the ones that hold the viewer’s eye longest. If your store front is fortunate enough to feature one or more windows, then you have one of the most proven forms of advertising at your disposal. Make sure the scooter display follows the theme and incorporate the materials. Googles, Sunglasses, Gloves, Jackets, and more!

Right now MRP has jackets at 50% off, Gloves, and a new Holiday Scooter Bundle.

A $400 Value for stores to display and sell accessories during the holidays.
Includes 2 random scooter toys, 2 Vespa Hats, 2 Googles, 2 Sunglasses, 4 Medium Size Messenger Bags, 2 Large Messenger Bags.
$400 in Accessories for a third of the price.

Make sure to log in and order now!

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