Thursday, November 8, 2012

Industry starts pledging funds, relief efforts Nor'easter Support Effort from MRP.

Industry starts pledging funds, relief efforts Nor'easter Support Effort from MRP.

I was reminded yesterday I'm a part of a larger community. Here at MRP we have always made an effort to give what we can to the community. Not just our community in Miami, but to the larger community out there we are a part of. It's great to see the Powersports Industry coming together to help out. I have to say it's great all over the news you see Stores helping out. Even big companies like Budweiser are sending water in cans for those affected. Now this snowstorm hitting today has only made it worse.

So the scooter community, and the community of South Florida will be helping in this effort. It might not be much, but our goal today is to send out a box of shirts and jackets to help out with the effort.

We've also read online about the Honda and Yamaha dealers helping out lending generators and selling them at half price. We salute the efforts of the Powersports Industry and these stores that despite the tragedy and bad economy are making an effort to help.

To read more about the powersports industry efforts click here:

When the economy was good we donated scooters to the Ronald McDonald foundation back in 2001-2003, we volunteered to help after Hurricane Katrina with the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation, we have even raised money and clothing for the earthquake in Haiti. Many of the scooter rallies we have supported over the years have had themes to raise money for charities as well so we do what we can.

The US economy hasn't been that great the last four years, but we still have jackets, shirts, and clothing that were returned for warranty or exchanged that are brand new that we can send out. Two days ago I dropped off a pile of clothing for the New Jersey effort and today we will be sending older 2010 and 2011 marketing shirts which never got purchased, brand new clothing to help people stay warm. I woke up this morning to the news of a woman who had lost all her clothing and I just couldn't believe this was happening in the USA. It reminded me of South Florida after hurricane Andrew.

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