Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why you should avoid Cheap Sites

Once a day we get a call from someone who purchased a part online from Ebay or from Cheap Chinese Name your They tell us the same story. I'm calling you because I have nobody else to call, or I found this on Ebay I need some support.

Buy from the local shop. It's the best way to make sure you get the support you need. Is it really worth it to save $10 if your local scooter dealer goes out of business. It's a sad state of affairs that had led us to this point in our country where people want tech support but are unwilling to pay someone to install a part.

I'm really getting tired of seeing the local shops close and its because as Americans we don't support our dealers. We have this Walmart mentality of cheaper = better. It's not true, in the end if you have nobody to fix your scooter and you can't do it yourself then the scooter is junk.

My favorite is when they pretend its one of our dealers and they are trying to blame them for not installing it correctly. Then it turns out they didn't want to pay for the install. In the end they say no were sorry we purchased it on Ebay. In Puerto Rico we have plenty of stores that advertise "Like MRP" then you get to the store and its not an MRP Kymco upgrade its some other brand. Same applies here, you get what you pay for. If you buy from a guy on Ebay you won't be getting any tech support or help. So stop buying on Ebay.

Support the local dealer. At least they will give you some support when you need it. If all the stores close there won't be a US scooter community.

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