Friday, March 12, 2010

MRP offers Scooter Tires, ATV Tires at a discount!

MRP offers a wide selection of tires. Make sure to check out site often to see what new tires we have for the season. Everything from Vespa to Zongshen is available.

ATV tires, Go karts, Buggies, Scooters we try our best to have a wide selection in stock.

Tires and Tubes
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We import CB, GT, and MRP branded tires. Our tires range in price and quality from regular everyday use to performance tires. More scooter sizes than any other importer. We take great pride in our wide selection of hard to find European and Asian size tires. Most of our tires are high performance scooter tires with ratings of 6LT or higher. If you need something lower or higher please make sure to tell our technical department. We recommend tires above 6LT with a good thread since they are best suited for normal street use and perform well in rainy environments. If you need a stock tire then we recommend less expensive tires with ratings of 4LT or lower. Some common sizes and applications can be found by visiting our website. You can find this by searching under model and brand. Most of our tires are designed for Universal tread design for use in all types of road and weather conditions. However, we do carry race style tires which tend to be a little more expensive and not as durable. Our race tires tend to have a higher TY rating and feature Exceptional adhesion in corners and increase traction. They tend to last less time but they work great. You can also call us to select a thread and a model of tire. If you type the tire size or model you will be able to find common applications. For example:The 120/90-10 (fits on the front) and the 130/90-10 (fits the rear) are recommended for the Aprilia Rally or the Yamaha Zuma.

Make sure to visit our site to see all the fine tires we offer at the best prices.

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