Friday, March 12, 2010

Must have item? Air Filters

Air Filters,

This is a must have item for any store.
It's an essential upgrade. Make sure to check out the link to our Air Filter section. Having 130 stores across the country these guys know a little more about merchandising than the average shop and thats what I talk about to dealers you have to build the store experience. Stock parts. Air filters are used every day, don't let your client end up at Walmart because you don't stock an air filter.

Rollers, air filters, belts, these are all part of the equation of running a good shop. Contact us at MRP if you have questions on how to make a better air filter display we have the racks, displays, and yes lots of air filters. info @

on our website:

Having a good stock of air filters can help you sell more upgrades, especially the little chrome ones. Consumers love these and if they see you stocking parts, guess what they will buy. It's terrible when a buyer is looking for variety and they can't find one in the shop, make sure to stock air filters. Walk into any Cycle Gear shop and they have a whole row of air filters.

More on Air Filters check out this video:

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