Friday, March 26, 2010

What to do if a distributor has closed?

The season is upon us and many stores that haven't dealt with scooters are starting to wake up. Customers are taking bikes out of the garage and realizing the carb or battery is dead. In many cases maybe a plastic that they need because they dropped the bike.
It's only after the customer comes in and asks for the part that the dealer realizes that ( fill in blank ) United Motors, Xtreme Motor Co, Italjet, Daelim, CPI, Keeway Southeast, or whoever is no longer answering the phone that they realize "There are no parts." That's where we come in. Basically MRP is providing a third party solution to a growing problem. Hard to find unique parts for brands no longer on the market.

There are lots of distributors selling both retail and wholesale Cheap Chinese parts, but very few that know the difference between an Aprilia and a Zongshen. Even fewer with the experience that they can say they've riden an actual Vespa or a Malaguti. No street credibility, no experience with anything other than some Chinese mainland bikes. Our market is more diverse than that so the real principle of the matter is that we specialize in the hard to find items and that makes the difference between MRP and the competition.

We also have a network of preferred dealers that run drop shipping sites so we don't have to sell retail. We let them drop ship to the consumer live over 12,000 SKUS of Scooter parts. Our industry has a lot of fly by night distributors, we've been in this for the long haul. They say imitation is the best form of flattery well here you see if as MRP was the first GY6 parts importer and the first to promote the JOG swap system for several Italian and Japanese bikes. Innovation is a process and as we've grown we can now say we are the only source in North America for CPI, Italjet (2005-2009), Malaguti, SN, and many other hard to find scooter parts.

If you have a Benelli or Andretti scooter. A hard to find QJ part. More than likely your store needs to call us to help you.

If you email us we will pass you on to one of our stores. Our goal and we live up to this it's not just a motto is to make sure our stores get your business. That way we keep the rider on the road and the stores in business.

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