Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a Scooter Store Should Look Like and How to Increase Revenue

Stores need those alternative sources of Income ( in our online catalog there is a good article on this at www.mrp-speed.com )

Sell Gellato, Lavazza coffee, pre-packaged snacks, anything to make the customer have that WOW experience when in your shop. The focus should be to increase your store’s Return on Investment and to do that you absolutely need to have a great introduction. The first time that customer walks in the shop he needs to see the best visual merchandising in that strip mall to get your attention. Ever walk into a Cycle Gear and see a dull display? Why should a scooter shop look any worse?

Making a cool experience for your customer should be the top priority for your scooter store.

Every day someone walks into a scooter store for the first time. Make sure that first time the customer sees the best clothing ( Try a nice Armadillo Displays ) the best in exhausts ( Try a nice TK Exhaust rack ), sunglasses ( MRP has Bertoni eyewear ) maybe a racing parts section ( MRP Clutches and rollers ), go for the WOW Factor something that makes the customer invite friends and tell people about the shop.

Creating that experience is what will set you apart from the Cheap Chinese store down the street.

The Scooter Maven

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