Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AIME Show quickly becoming the Scooter Meeting the Industry Needs

So if you've been reading the news latetly you've seen Suzuki North America signed up for the
AIME show in October. http://aimexpousa.com/

The show is taking place in the only state that is 1/4 of the market and the only year round location. Florida. The only state with nearly 5,000 scooters, trikes, and small mopeds in rental fleets it is the ideal place for any meeting concerning scooters.

In addition to over 50 companies that sell parts for scooters and accessories from Tucker Rocky, Two Brothers, Arrow, Yoshimura the events Scooter symposium is taking shape with the following OEMs confirmed:

Confirmed Scooter OEMs displaying scooters at the show:
Yamaha Scooters (JAPAN)
Suzuki Scooters (JAPAN)
Adly Moto Her Chee (Taiwan) / Pit Motors USA Distributor
Ice Bear Scooters and Trikes (China)
American SportWorks (China)
Peace Industries Group (China)

What we lack right now is a real industry leader, more than likely that will be Kymco. I'm hoping Piaggio / Vespa / Aprilia aka Piaggio Group of the Americas will show up, but despite several dealers asking the company to attend I just dont see it. This year at Dealer Expo in Indianapolis they had a little 10 X 10 booth with two scooters in it. So I don't know what to think when it comes to possibly the most important show the industry has seen in years is being neglected by the most well known brand in the USA.

Officially Pending but could announce something in the next few days!
Tao Tao
Piaggio Group
Gorilla Motor Works
Puma Motorcycles
Lance / Allaniance SYM

I would encourage dealers to talk to their sales reps about meeting in Orlando this year. Joining the movement to build a better meeting place. 

I would encourage Florida dealers to attend the classes, meet with the speakers, and visit early so they can get the most out of the show. There are a ton of smaller importers not listed that should also consider attending if only so we can have a more standardized industry. Many of the topics in the classes should also concern dealers with recent changes in EPA laws, dealer laws, and warranty laws that many Chinese importers tend to violate such as paying only for parts (NO LABOR) etc... that are in direct conflict with state lemon laws and official distribution guidelines.

So if you're a dealer or a distributor, this show presents the opportunity to bring the industry back. Real meetings, real talk of change to bring back the Powersports Industry. I would encourage everyone and every MIC member to attend.

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