Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AIME Where are the Electric Vehicle Companies?

One of the things that was a huge disappointment at Dealer Expo in 2012 and 2013 was the lack of the Electric Vehicle testing area. This was a highlight @ INTERMOT last year.

So my question is Where are the Electric Vehicle Companies?

For electric vehicles to truly take off in the USA we need consumers to compare them side by side. We need dealers to get educated even if they don't carry the lines.

AIME Presents a huge opportunity for this segment. Now I know many EV managers import an electric scooter, but then despise being bundled up with the scooter companies, but the truth is if it looks like a scooter  a motorcycle this is going to be your segment. You can't expect a car dealer or a Golf Cart store to build a global brand. No stand alone Electric company can sustain their own flagship stores (VESPA BOUTIQUES FAIL 9 OUT OF 10 TIMES)

So the truth is this even presents a huge opportunity. http://aimexpousa.com/AIME/AIMExpo.aspx

Brammo’s recent recall announcement, that it had output of five (5) units in a one month period was not that impressive to me. I know there are several EVOLVE EV Scooters out there and some of the dealers are having some success, but this is Florida which is 1/4 of the USA sales of scooters, it will likely be one of the few states where you can ride an ELECTRIC VEHICLE ALL YEAR. So why are the companies spending thousands on magazines but not direct consumer testing?

Be it ZERO, NEW VECTRIX, Evolve, Emerge, Brammo, EV Scooters, any of the Chinese importers this show is the place to stand out from the pack. Give consumers a chance to test the vehicles, for dealers to ride them, and interact with the buying public.

It is the only industry event that has consumers and dealers willing to listen and learn. At the same time it will allow us to test them first hand. It will convince some of us that aren't sold on EV scooters or have found disappointment in the market. What better place to turn around this segment than in the Magic Kingdom of Orlando?

So let's see which EV company steps up and is the first to display at the show?

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