Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This bag started it all

I recently found my PS1 bag. This bag started it all.

I still have the dreamcast and ps1 but the bag was the golden ticket. When people saw Brian, Justin, or I walking in they knew we had games. They knew there would be free beer and free games.

Its when I realized I loved marketing. It wasnt the music industry, that got old pretty quickly staying up until 4am, trading road stories with 45 year olds who still traveled the country with younger bands. It was video games. It was this bag.

This bag got you in with the video  game crowd, the hardcore gamers who wouldnt talk to you unless you knew about the hidden site. It got free pizza, free movies, and it made you everyones friend at the football games. I hadnt seen it in ten years.

Its similar to the pride I hear when someone tells me they worked for Ducati or Yamaha. It was ny first chance to be part of building a brand.

The scooter industry is a lesson in how quickly brands fade or shine. How price points and China volume economics can kill established brands, the same happened in the video game business. Many developers faded away over the years.

But I still have the bag, like an old moped in the collection. It says this was a real brand and still is. This was building a brand.

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