Friday, December 2, 2011

Tried finding a Verucci part lately?

We get a lot of calls for the Qingi scooters that were imported by Qinqi USA between 2000-2008. Diamo had some, several Verucci distributors had them. Tried finding a part for them lately? How about a Verucci part?Exactly.....its like Mission Impossible if you purchased one of these from a US dealer.

We don't have many of the plastics but we pretty much have all of the 50cc parts for Verucci 50cc 2-stroke D1E41QMB02, D1E41QMB, H1E41QMB and 1E41QMB model engines. This motor is used on many popular Chinese scooters including the Qingqi QMQT50-B2 plus MRP has the CDI unit, the cylinder and common parts for it.

This CDI below is a derestricted version and if you need help we got the parts. Works on all the JINAN QINQI QINGI scooters, also all the HUATIAN units that were imported into the states plus some Baja Motorsports units.

Available only from MRP

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