Friday, December 2, 2011

Real Scooter Pimps have a Speaker System

Few riders in the US invest in good stereo systems. Some Chinese scooters come with some basic mp3 players or a bobo sound system that goes bad after it rains. Sadly, not everyone can be as cool as the guys in Panama or Puerto Rico that put in $2,000 sound systems on their bikes. We got some in stock that wont break the piggy bank.

Just in time for the holidays, ask SANTA for a Scooter Sound Board.
So we finally got something affordable for under $200 most dealerships can install this system in 15 mins plus you can run over to your local BEST BUY get a bluetooth transmitter, connect the RCA cable to the transmitter, connect the bluetooth to your Iphone or Android and BAM! you got a scooter blasting Pandora or Youtube while you drive around campus. All for less than $250.

Even better how cool is it to make wacky sounds on your phone and blast it when you drive up next to somebody!

If you watch this video you'll see some of the most awesome sound systems in Puerto Rico.

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