Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Messenger Bags on Sale half price

An easy sell for the holidays are scooter messenger bags!
ISS-MS-04-M image 2
Don't be left out when MRP is selling them at 50% off this week so that the stores can stock up!


Accessories are different than selling bikes. This is why most scooter stores fail to achieve a profit during the holidays.

ISS-MS-04-M image 3They have no scooter toys, lights, helmets, or other items on display.
You can't do this half assed you have to go all in. It's like Vegas. Only the guy who plays smart wins.

Much like service part of this is having the right variety. The more you have and the better they’re displayed,
the more we will sell. Hiding them on some shelf in the back won’t work.
Knowing what you have and what it will do for the customer is important.
So stock up for winter. Get some Armadillo jackets, gloves, scooter toys, speakers, lights and make sure to promote accessories.

Most stores hardly sell units until Christmas and it might be one or two pink scooters for a client's wife. If you're in ten feet
of snow chances are you will sell more light kits, messenger bags, and knick knacks. The winter is about accessories so stock up, its the season!

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