Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stealth Black GY6 TK Exhaust is King

Seriously, the sound, the look, this is the best GY6 exhaust out there. Hands down.

On a dyno it performs better than anything from any other brand we've carried. I have in the warehouse Two Brothers, LeoVince, Doppler, Polini, Malossi, IXIL, exhausts and more. I started the exhaust business with the GY6 MRP Exhaust type-1back in 2005 before a million people including all the companies above had a GY6 exhaust. Yet, this one takes the cake. It's King. I love the look, the feel, the sound of it.
How can you not love this stealth black exhaust. What's really cool are all the people putting the TK GY6 exhaust on the ZUMA 50 and Ruckus 50 GY6 conversions.

I just got this from Facebook its a TGB with the TK Stealth Black from our dealer in Puerto Rico and it looks amazing.

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