Friday, November 18, 2011

ADLY Officially looking for new US distributor

So I just got an email today letting us know La Vita has been discontinued. The other thing is Adly didn't renew its EPA for 2012 for the USA. So Taiwan is not officially looking for a new distributor for their scooters.

So what do we see for 2012? Honestly, it looks like ZNEN Motor China is dominating the market now by having over 9 importers all selling the same homogeneous products, at similar prices, just with different stickers. Be it a Puma, Excalibur, BMS, Italica Motors which are all going to be the same ZNEN 150 everyone else has ( think FLYSCOOTERS IL BELLO ) Fly Scooters was a private label importer that closed a few years back. So were back at the same QJ situation when QJ had 9 different distributors ( Vento, Diamo, Xtreme, Yamati, PSF, Cubik, Keeway etc....) going to be interesting when the homogeneous product fight begins again.

Think about it United Motors was importing Hyosung with the UM labels. Who won that fight? The same is happening again as smaller importers don't renew their EPA certs. It sounds like all these small distributors will be competing based on price. Same bikes, different stickers, different prices. Thats the road to 2012 as more unique designs fall out of the market.

Right now for 2012 we only see Kymco, PGO (Genuine), SYM, and CPI.
TGB and Adly are officially out. Hartford Scooters Taiwan never made it in.

Stay tuned.... its a good brand. Here at MRP we have a ton of Adly parts.

Having a hard time finding Adly ATV parts, we'll we have them all
Previous importers of Adly Taiwan included ADLY USA, United Motors, , Dixie Sales, Lambretta USA,
Hammerhead..... so let's see who comes in.

ADLY 50cc ATV Parts Where to Buy?

Stocking Dealer locator

MRP distributes OEM parts for TNG (CMSI) select models of CF Moto Daelim Motors Korea ( parts should appear on website by mid July) Malaguti of Italy ( Keeway Southeast (Keeway Vento QJ Andretti Yamati models) CPI Taiwan Powersports Factory Brands PSF Diamo Cubik (matches OEM Vento part numbers) as well as QJ and ZNEN (who manufacture bikes for a variety of scooter importers) such as FlyScooters Lance BMS Qlink models that were ZNEN corresponding to matching TNG parts.

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