Friday, November 11, 2011

New 32mm Carb arrives!

We've been getting a lot of calls about our new 32mm Carbs for the GY6, Ruckus Upgrades, 250cc scooters. Remember you should always get a bigger intake to go with it. Also works on many Gokarts, Buggies, Off-road karts, and ATVs. 

You can buy it today online: 

CVK carburetor NARAKU Racing 32mm for 125-300cc engines.

It is an original Keihin CVK carburetor made in Japan. Intended only for racing! The distance of the intake port is 37mm, 50mm filter side. Particularly interesting for cars, not an assembly whose design permits higher carburetor. The throttle cable is laid sideways at the carburetor, so they do not interfere with helmet compartment or under construction. The height is roughly equivalent to the original carburetor. Please check before ordering, if the carburetor can be used on the vehicle. This is not ready to install kit. It has a different air filters are used and / or installed a different intake manifold and the original piece can be modified. Connection widths note! HD nozzle sizes = 138 ND = 60. works on: 150cc, 170cc, 200cc, 250cc upgraded ATVs, Buggies, Scooters and more. Many applications on GY6 QMI152 QMI157 QMJ152 QMJ157 CN250 CF250 4-stroke engines

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