Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aprilia shows off new models at EICMA 2011

Aprilia shows off new models at EICMA 2011

I wrote about these before. The new 50cc / 125cc SR models look like they come from Jincheng much like the old Scarabeo I haven't had anyone confirm that for me yet which factory these are being made in.

 The New Aprilia model that everyone is talking about is really the old GP800 by Gillera, but the name isn't as famous in export markets like the US so they have changed it to an Aprilia model.

I would have stuck with the Gillera name, but it seems like Derbi and Gillera are on their way out when it comes to international marketing. You really dont see Piaggio Group making any effort with those brands outside of Italy or Spain.

When was the last time you saw an ad in South America or Taiwan for Derbi or Gillera. The most recent interview in Forbes pretty much explained that in new markets like Vietnam Vespa is the premium brand and Piaggio will be the plastic brand that caters to local tastes. So it seems the new Aprilia SR850 is the premium export brand for the GP 800 platform.

A look at the GP800 from before.

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