Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CPI Oliver 2011 and 2012 have changes in exhaust

For our loyal fan base here we are updating the big changes for any CPI rider.

 On CPI Units sold in the USA between 2000-2008 you could use any Minarelli Jog Air cooled exhaust similar to a Malaguti F-12 or Eton, but on all the new models you need a specialized exhaust if not you will have to remove the main stand.

Worse it might not fit correctly.

See any regular exhaust will have this non-connecting issue.

If you use a standard exhaust this is what you will run into.

The only exhaust that will work on the new 2011 CPI Oliver scooter. tkc-tc051-q

This exhaust is made by TK Spain

Available in the USA from any MRP dealer we have over 1,000 stores where you can order these parts use the part number tkc-tc051-q when ordering.

available from
for a full list of dealers with online sites visit and click on places to buy or email us.

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