Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lightning strike destroys phone and ruins lunch

Lightning strike destroys phones and ruins lunch!

Ever have one of those days? So far its turning into two for us here at MRP. I was having a good week, I met Pitbull the singer at a bar over the weekend, saw a great movie. Started off the week with a great meeting and BAM lightning struck yesterday destroying our electric supply for the rest of the day. I was about to take a bite out of my sandwich when everything went dark.

It ruined lunch for everyoneat MRP and basically we couldn't work until the evening. Now today we found out we have power, internet, but no phones. It will be another few hours before the phones are back up.

I know considering all the bad weather related things happening across America this is nothing, but I wanted to inform our customers because some of them don't read the mass emails we put out. We had some great export orders and this week, they are going out. I want you to know we are here it's just the weather has basically made our lives impossible.

You can email us at Info @ mrp-speed.com we are all here. PLUS we are giving free shipping
to all our clients that place orders yesterday and today to make up for the lack of phone communication.

Things happen. I just hate getting emails from people that start " I tried to call the office why won't you guys answer!" not avoiding anyone, just that Thor made a mistake and sent a bolt to the wrong street. Orders are going out, life will go back to normal soon we hope.

The sandwich was still great and all the online orders went out so what more can we ask for? EMAIL US.

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