Friday, September 30, 2011

250CC Scooter TV Spot for Malaguti

One of the final Malaguti TV Spots to run in Italy kind of shows what was wrong with the marketing and sales of the marque.

The management instead of focusing on the lucrative mid-level executive in Europe ( Think T-Max by Yamaha ) kept marketing a 200cc entry level sport scooter to teenagers. The videos show two teens in love putting their initials on a lock ( teens all over Italy do this to the detriment of chain fences everywhere )

Back in the day Malaguti had some very adult TV spots running at night for the Madison launch.

Even in the US marketing we tried to associate with Ducati, Ferrari, and Peroni at national events to steer the brand towards more adult riders. Even Playboy, Maxim, and GQ all featured Malaguti at one point giving it a more adult setting.

Somehow the 15 to 18 year old demographic stuck as the Malaguti targeted younger riders in Italy. This image would even cross oceans as both dealers and consumers saw it as a starter bike. More than one person has told me "my first bike was an F10 or an F12" before they went on to buy a Honda or a Ducati motorcycle.

It's a real shame, the brand still has a chance of coming back despite all the negativity out there, but more than likely will fade into the oblivion of made in China stickers like much the Italian shoe, textile, motorcycle, you name it industries. Italy is even importing cheaper forms of food according to the Economist magazine some of it from Asia meaning its not even worth it to farm the land in a country known for the quality of its food supply. Until the country get's it act together Malaguti won't be the last brand to fade.

I was on South Beach this past weekend and I found one of the original 2002 units I imported 9 years ago and it was in great shape. We still have all the parts for it at and to tell you the truth its still in better shape than a new 50cc Asian bike that might be only a few months old.

Now for proper marketing look no further than Yamaha. Their ads, their promotions, and even the features have an adult in mind. Just take a look at what Yamaha did right in this video. They put a lot of thought in their vehicle sales almost as much as the development of the product itself. Not just a scooter, something better than most motorcycles. If anyone is to save a brand like Malaguti they need a plan that goes like something below with the features Italians wanted.

Parts are still available for the brand as well.
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How do I buy Malaguti Parts
Malaguti Grizzly RCX machines are powered by Franco Morini 2-stroke engines. Models available in 2006 include MALAGUTI GRIZZLY RCX10, RCX12 & SUPERMOTO. There is also a 49.3cc Quad. The scooter range includes the 50cc Yesterday, a very cute scoot indeed available 2000-2005 (and other years, most likely) and the 125/250/400cc Madison. The Madison 125 is powered by a Yamaha YP125 engine. Formerly sold in the USA the parts are still available from MRP. Martin Racing Performance has 12,000 items in stock including all the OEM Parts for Malaguti Scooters sold in North America. HOW DO YOU BUY THEM? SIMPLE GO ONLINE AND GET THE MANUAL, PART NUMBER, AND BUY ONLINE OR FROM A DEALER 


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