Friday, September 30, 2011

Finding more than just generic parts that's what we do

I think most consumers are getting fed up with dealers that sold products from companies that closed. More than a few have some insane lawsuits going on that are making some of the Chinese importers nervous. Lemon Laws and Vehicles vary from state to state but there's a reason a lot of brands don't sell in Arizona or California two states with good consumer laws and hard to get distributor requirements. In California you have to get an FBI background check and that still doesn't prevent situations like the one we saw like Roketa a few years back. In Arizona a trip to the dealer for the same problem covered under warranty can fetch a consumer a new bike or their money back. Some states like Florida if its a lemon you might be stuck if its under 100cc's.

It's a difficult situation for all sides. Dealers barely have time to run a shop, but to have to track down parts it's even more difficult. I've been on both sides as a consumer I went to the car dealership this past week and the dealer couldn't find a part for a car less than 2 years old because the system only sells it as part of a bigger part. I end up having to explain the same situation to clients all the time.

Even here in Miami the capital of scooter distributors we've lost more than a few importers and distributors the last few years. United Motors closed, Italica Motors is now gone, American Scooters a PGO importer folded, and some companies like Zongshen are phasing out their US Scooter importation business. Just this week I went to warehouse to go visit one of our ATV parts suppliers and they had folded a few months back but I hadn't heard about.

That's why I see what we do as a service. Today another person thanked us for helping them find a part. They were being sued. They finally sold a scooter that had sat on their showroom floor for three years due to the poor economy. They sold it, and immediately it went bad. The only company ( after calling every single possible competitor out there ) that had this part was MRP. We found it, we shipped it, and today the rider called off the suits. He had lawyered up and was demanding a quick resolution to the problem.

We sold Malaguti parts today back to the UK and Benelli part to Canada. Unbelievable, but it just goes to show how we help dealers everywhere.

There is a need for what we do. It's not glamorous. We might never see the boom of 2007 in scooter sales again, but dealers and consumers need parts. We got them. More parts than anyone else in the country for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish scooters.

We spend our days counting parts for all the brands that have left the market. Even ADLY Scooters and ATVs which left and closed their US office a few years back they appointed Hammerhead as their scooter distributor, but we get daily calls for their ATVs. We have them! Nobody else is stocking them.


MRP distributes OEM parts for TNG (CMSI) select models of CF Moto Daelim Motors Korea ( parts should appear on website by mid July) Malaguti of Italy ( Keeway Southeast (Keeway Vento QJ Andretti Yamati models) CPI Taiwan Powersports Factory Brands PSF Diamo Cubik (matches OEM Vento part numbers) as well as QJ and ZNEN (who manufacture bikes for a variety of scooter importers) such as FlyScooters Lance BMS Qlink models that were ZNEN corresponding to matching TNG parts.

Every scooter is someone's first ride we help the dealers and consumers find those hard to find parts. Doesn't matter what brand it is we've been doing the Chinese scooter parts thing since 2004 so we can help you find the right part.

Since January 2009 MRP has expanded by acquiring the QJ -- Keeway Southeast distribution parts warehouse the Diamo USA / LS Motorsports / Italjet USA parts warehouse CPI -- TAIWAN Distribution and TNG Scooters.

The company has OEM parts for Malaguti scooters of Italy Benelli (acquired by QJ in 2006) the Italian brand now made in China and sold in the USA under the Andretti name MH Motorhispania of Spain RX Loncin Lifan Linhai Zongshen Wangye MS UTVs and CPI Taiwan. In addition the company distributes performance parts from Athena Malossi Turbo Kit Innova Vee Rubber Duro Bando Gates Powerlink Posh Maxxis Namura Scooter Ninja Slipstreamer and MRP.

Products carried by MRP can be obtain exclusively at select Motorcycle Dealerships and Repair Shops in the USA. MRP is the one stop wholesale ONLY scooter buggy and ATV parts distributor. For a list of retailers visit

The one stop shop for all your scooter needs!
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