Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going the extra mile

It's not often that we solve matters that actually affect people's lives, but I want to tell you about one case in particular. We got this strange call looking for a part that we have, but have never sold. I asked Eduardo to run into the warehouse and take a picture of the item. It's a little hectic here at MRP when you add twenty parts a day and have a backlog of 7,000 pictures from all the companies that have gone bust, but if we get a request we will run and do it immediately. So don't be afraid to call and ask or email us. It was late and everyone wanted to get out of the office. Turns out we had the right part. So I get a call back and the client is happy after seeing it online and we had to urgently Fed Ex those parts out.

I stayed extra late at the office to make sure Fed Ex Express picked up this urgent package for a client who had been searching for months for a part. I had to be somewhere, but after hearing this story I made sure we didn't close until the package went out.

We don't have all the parts, but when we do its nice to know they have a great story behind them. If you need Linhai parts or parts for any distributor that's gone out of business please make sure to check with us.

I'm glad there are people like Gary Cowan who will push and try to make a difference.

The Scooter Maven


Thank you so much for getting the Linhai shaft out today, you have no idea how much it means.  I have sent numerous parts requests to Linhai (I’m sure you are surprised that I received no response).  In fact, the only call or response I have received in past 30 days to my numerous emails was a phone call trying to get us to buy more units.  Although I like the product, I cannot give my customers that kind of product support….

After being turned down for assistance by Linhai Canada (over territory issues), we even attempted to have a Canadian dealer order the parts and send them over to us.  The dealer seemed to be in no hurry, so we contacted American Gear, many custom driveshaft builders, and several local fab shops to see if they could construct something.  In the meantime, as I explained to everyone involved on all sides of the border, the customer is running out of time and this UTV has been down for quite awhile.  It never crossed my mind that you would have this shaft !     

W is in his early 40’s, has a wife and several sons.  He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease about 8 months ago with a prognosis of 12 months.  Helluva good guy, says he’s doing his best to teach his sons everything a father should inside 12 months.  This UTV is the only way for him to get around outdoors, and all the man wants is to get outside and enjoy the little bit of Michigan summer that’s left by taking his boys hunting.  He has been planning this for several months and it means the absolute world to him since it will be his last chance. 

We even offered him our personal machines, but he uses a crutch to brake and don’t want to damage our stuff.  Honestly, he’s such a good soul that I wouldn’t care if he destroyed anything that belonged to me while enjoying time with his kids.  At the end of day, I will have many more years with my kids.  Can you imagine being a man that knows he won’t?  It’s nice to know that at least one other company in this industry is concerned about the end user, and we greatly appreciate your quick assistance in seeing this through.  His family knows the runaround we have been receiving, and they will be moved beyond words.  So again, thank you for helping us make it happen.     

Gary Cowan

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