Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visit from an Oregon Dealer - Thank You

Hello Joel,

Firstly, hope all is well in Florida! It was great meeting you and thank you for taking time out to visit with us and show us around. I'm sure we'll be looking to make another parts order soon. 


Country ATV 

Had some visitors all the way from Oregon a couple of weeks ago.

It's always great when they come down and meet the crew. The last three years in the industry have been a roller-coaster of small shop survival stories. Meeting face to face with clients is always import especially when they appreciate what you do.

We tend to forget that the business is all about finding ways for commerce to work where being loyal and sending business back to the dealers is the way to go. Most of our industry has relied on cannibalization the dealer networks and it might upset a few guys here and there that we point this out but most of the industry appreciate the ideas. There will always be stores that don't care about the internet or if distributors undercut them, but if we stand for anything is for the voice of the dealer that knows how a distribution system should work that keeps them profitable. We want riders with parts back on the road and dealers that take care of them, maybe its wishful thinking in this age of China direct, Ebay, banks destroying middle American small stores, and distributors undercutting their clients, but its the way we work. We believe stores should have parts and should get the business of the riders that call us and its great when we meet face to face with people who appreciate that.

So thank you to Jeremy and crew for being great clients. For taking the time to visit us all the way from Oregon.


The Scooter Maven

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