Monday, August 22, 2011

Full set of Nylon Sliders are now up and available online for ZUMA 125, Yamaha Zuma 50, Yamaha BW125 and more!

Race Slider ZUMA 125, VINO 125, 20x12 SLIDERS VOG 260 and more! for a full list of dealers or to buy from one of our online stores.
YOU CAN BUY IT AT:             1-800-249-8099
TEL             305-735-3825
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JOG 40QMB Yamaha Minarelli Weights 15 X 12 size
40QMB JOG MINARELLI 15 X 12 SLIDER Yamaha 50cc 2T RACING SLIDERS 50cc 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine.

SCOOTER NINJA (TW) NYLON SLIDING ROLLER WEIGHTS means better performance from your scooter no matter what stage you are in upgrading your scooter. These perform better than traditional composite material weights. Some rollers from the factories come with steel, iron, copper, or plastic weight centers. Scooter Ninja uses either aluminum or enhanced copper finish centers plus composite lined with nylon for better performance.

We recommend starting performance upgrades by changing the variator roller weights before engaging in any performance upgrades. Heavier roller weights= A slower take off speed with more acceleration and a higher top speed. Lighter roller weights = A faster take off speed with less acceleration and lower top speed. SN MRS MAXIMUM Ratio System? 

roller weights are a genuine revolution in the roller weight field. The nylon fiber rollers feature a unique shape that dramatically reduces wear and subsequent deviation of scooter performance. 

Expect better performance from your scooter, period. No matter what stage you are in upgrading your scooter, simply add SN SLIDER weights and you will see more speed and power in your bike! Over 20% longer lasting than traditional rollers of composite material. SN Sliders weights are the most advanced weights available. 

These sliding rollers perform better than standard round weights by allowing the variator to open farther for higher top speeds, and last longer with less performance material loss. 

The weights have several unique features such as their material containing nylon for better performance. Made ofnylon material Low Friction/Low Wear/High temperature resistance Aluminum compatible works with aftermarket KOSO, Malossi, Polini, NCY, MRP, POSH, DELTA, as well as SN and OEM Variators Fastest roller weights available The shape allows the roller to travel greater distances into the front pulley variator angle along the roller tunnel and enables the user to modify the low CVT ratio by +3% and high CVT ratio by +7%. The result is that the rider can expect enhanced speed and acceleration. SN? HRS rollers are available from 49cc to 800cc CVT combos. 

Contact your local dealer about an SN HRS UPGRADE TODAY! Also check out SN Variators and SN Clutches for even more performance! 169-216 SCOOTER NINJA OFFERS YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY AND THE BEST PERFORMANCE

The larger weight size will add top end only when you are doing other upgrades to make up for loss of bottom or take off. The same it true for lighter weights, if you go too light you will need to make up for the loss on the top end.50cc scooters we have found do best with 10 or 11 gram weights, use 10 for over 200lbs 11 under 200lbs add the Scooter Ninja variator to complete upgrade.

Scooter Ninja Sliders are the latest roller weights to hit the market and the most advanced weights available. 

The weights have several unique features such as their composite material being nylon for faster performance. * Made of unique tribological material SL-9T and SL-9TS (oilless PA46) * Low friction coefficient / Low wear / High temperature resistance * Aluminum compatible; No abrasive fibers (glass fiber or carbon fiber) * Fastest Roller Weights available SN Sliding Roller Weights Traditionally, gear ratio is changed by the up-and-down rolling movement of the roller weights in the ramp of MDF; Now the innovative SN Sliding Roller Weights “slide” up and down in the ramp of MDF to change the gear ratio. This unique “sliding movement” provides exclusive advantages to make CVT perform excellently: No abnormal wear will occur, even when SN Sliding Roller Weights work in the high gear position. 

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