Monday, August 15, 2011

University of Florida still better than UCF, FSU, or UM when it comes to scooters!

A couple of good quotes from today's story coming out of Central Florida.

UCF scooter and motorcycle decal sales have jumped from 269 in 2006 to 353 in 2011, according to UCF Parking Services. Still thats nothing compared to the scooters at FSU, but University of Florida is lightyears ahead of UCF and UM.

When I attended UF there was maybe 200 scooters on campus. Last time I drove by New Scooters 4 Less I probably saw 500 in one day.

Still, its great to know UCF is jumping on the scooter bandwagon. Florida is the perfect place for students to ride around on scooters. Just don't drive to Disney on one.

Some good quotes:

In 2005, the EPA reported motorcycles and scooters emit as much hydrocarbon in 10 miles as a car does in 850 miles. This is due to the small engine size of scooters and their lack of catalytic converters that normally decrease the amount of hydrocarbon emissions. Hydrocarbon lends to the creation of ozone, which eventually turns into smog.
However, the EPA said that while hydrocarbon emissions are a problem, the main environmental initiative nowadays is to decrease fossil fuels, such as gasoline, which scooters use very little of, and carbon dioxide emissions.

"It's good for the environment. The CO2 is at 393 parts a million in our atmosphere, and the safe level is 350 parts a million," Samantha Ruiz, co-president of I.D.E.A.S., a UCF environmental advocacy group, said. "To see that students are using their bikes or scooters to reduce this number is great, because we're way past our limit."

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