Friday, July 29, 2011

Taiwan Sales are up Kymco continues to lead the market

My good friend Quincy Liang just reported Taiwanese production sales. Kymco continues to lead the pack with sales of 30,000 pieces above SYM and over 34,000 pieces more than Yamaha its two closest competitors in Taiwan. 

Combined sales of the other local manufacturers / distributors Honda, PGO (*Genuine in the USA), CPI, Piaggio - Vespa, have sold less than 3,000 pieces all year. According to data compiled by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)  just goes to show as Kymco continues to dominate some of biggest markets world-wide including Italy where it has passed Yamaha and all European brands except for Piaggio in the scooter sales category. 

New PTW Sales in Taiwan (January-June 2011)
MakerJune VolumeMarket
Market Share
Yamaha Taiwan16,56927.3%81,30027.5%20.4%
Source: MOTC

There are obviously some well known names missing from the list for several reasons. Several Taiwanese Brands do not sell locally such as Eton, ADLY, TGB these brands are only for the export markets. Some companies are export oriented with the majority of production going to select key markets such as CPI and sales to France / Germany or PGO whose biggest market worldwide for scooters is the USA. CPI has just recently come back into North America with sales to PIT MOTORS in New Jersey. Companies such as Hartford are relatively new with small local sales and keen on finding new importers. Eton has focused mostly on expanding into the solar and electric powered vehicles the last few years with fewer exports to South and North America. 

More well established brands such as ADLY Moto have stopped focusing on the competitive scooter field and focused on ATV exports. Previously imported into the USA by ADLY USA the company moved its line to Hammerhead USA and have focused on selling ATVS and new designs.

SYM is supposedly getting re-organized with Alliance ( formerly Lance a ZNEN distributor ) we are still waiting to see how the re-organization from the Carter Bros fallout continues. Kymco USA is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the factory in Taiwan and according to everything we have seen have maintained the US management and not changed any terms on its dealer base. If sales in Taiwan and Italy are any indicator KYMCO is basically a major player now worldwide. Considering its maintained its market share in the states while other companies folded i'ts a good indicator of where sales are headed.

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