Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do I buy parts for a Malaguti Scooter online?

comments: i have a 2005 malaguti moped scooter F-12 Phantom Liquid Cooled that i need parts for can you help me out?

I need the following scooter parts:
1. rear blinkers
2. battery
3.mirrows on handle bars both
4.inection switch and key
5. head lights holder whole thing

If you cant tell by the order some one gave it to me after they racked it and trying to put back for kids to ride that for any help would be great.

tony d


Click on F-12 LC ( Liquid Cooled H20 models ) get the part number. 000.000.00 it will be in this format with decimal places. First three are the model, next three the part, last two the color.

Go back to places to buy. Pick an online retailer, type in the part.
For example. the gasket for the F-12 or F-15 Liquid cooled is part 753.127.00
you type it in click enter at www.mrscooterstore.com


Checkout and its yours.
just to name a few of our dealers with the Malaguti parts on their sites. Even dealers without websites can order, but you will have to call them and ask them to order it from us. 

For a full list of dealers:

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