Friday, July 29, 2011


Seems like some parts of Atlanta are more like a war zone these days where Scooter muggings are quite common. I've heard of people getting mugged for a scooter in the third world before, but never in Atlanta. A bunch of kids just walked up to someone at a stop and instead of a car-jacking it was a scooter-jacking!

All over Google News we have reports of Scooter thefts on the rise. Make sure to keep your scooter safe,
Since July 18, cops say five scooters have been stolen and one hijacked. Thieves stole the scooters either from the driveways of homes or apartment parking lots. In some cases, the scooters were chained, police say.
Police say a rider was traveling around 10 p.m. Wednesday when five people ages 17 to 21 forced the rider off the bike and stole it.
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