Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding Parts for FlyScooters, SYM, Adly, Daelim and CPI Scooters.

Some updates on how to find parts for brands that have left or come back to the market.

Many riders are just waking up, dusting off the scooter and realizing that the dealer that used to carry brands like Adly and CPI no longer has them and instead only has some Chinese Znen models. Sometimes they call and the dealer isn't there, worse they call and Daelim USA is gone, CPI USA is gone, ADLY USA is gone, SYM Carter is no longer there you get the picture...

To help you we have some updates:

CPI - New importer is and they have plenty of parts. If they don't have it we have it. Call them first. Great guys and they work with MRP we know what units they are importing. Call them for all your CPI needs. They also have some TNG scooters and some TNG parts.

TNG - We are still adding TNG parts, now we are adding pictures. Call your local MRP dealer for TNG parts or visit one of our dealer run websites. drop ships a lot of TNG parts.

ADLY - We are adding more ADLY parts for ATVs and Scooters than anyone in the USA to our MRP website as we write this.

DAELIM - The Korean brand closed. Get the part number from the internet, have your local dealer call us with the part number. We are only stocking engine parts.

FLyScooters - Many of the same brands as Diamo / TNG we have all the parts for the units here at MRP.

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